An Awakening – by Isadore – A story about a new guy’s awakening to a new sex.

An Awakening – by Isadore – A story about a new guy’s awakening to a new sex.

An Affair – by H. Jekyll – all of them would remember their very first sighting for the boys because the minute the alteration took place. They shared this perception it, and in fact both were wrong though they didn’t later discuss. It had been a ridiculous memory from the face from it, given that it managed the boys as if that they had some strange capacity to transform whenever in reality these people were just young ones. (MF, MM, rom, cheat, voy)

a lifestyle that is alternative by Graham – The adventures a bi tv gets as much as with other guys as he goes out in the car for the night, and much more weird and varied things that happen when he satisfies a sexy female neighbour with comparable passions. (MMF, exh, bi, trans, beast, sex-in-public)

An Awakening – by Isadore – an account about a new man’s awakening to a sexuality that is new. (MM, 1st-gay-expr, oral, bd, fisting)

An Education In Cuckoldry – by C.D.E. – The husband of a higher school adult education teacher learns about being a Cuckold the way that is hard. (M+/F, MM, Intr, preg, D/s)

a evening of want – by zachary langston – a 1950s hollywood illumination tech gets more away from an event than he expected. from Marlon Brando. (MM, dental, anal, celeb-parody)

An Evolving Relationship – by kewtieboy – regarding the rebound from the first-time relationship that is gay a young guy settles down by having a horny gf but eventually gets their possiblity to explore their homosexual tendencies once more. (MMF, MM-bi, mast, dental, anal, voy)

a great Match – by Kewtieboy – Sue was in the driving seat when it stumbled on sex as soon as she realised I happened to be bisexual, she kept me personally actually busy. (MMMF, nc, bi, voy, intr, orgy)

a fascinating rest Over – by Pete – a final moment decision by my friend’s friend to come with us on a holiday actually is my very first encounter that is gay. (MM, 1st-gay-expr, oral, anal, alcohol)

An Intimate Recollection – by Xavier – A teenage kid moves up to a quiet suburb in Somerset England and falls in with a small grouping of girls and boys. He would like to fit in and soon finds way to take action. (MF, MM-1st-gay-expr, teens, young ones, mast, dental, exh)

an online Sissy Lives Her Dream – by Sir Liam – A sissy in her 20s that are early a cyber-relationship with a Master that causes living out her deepest fantasies. (MM, tg, oral, anal, bd, d/s, sci-fi)

a knowledge – by dale10 – a seasoned man that is gay to an awareness with a fresh faced teen cocksucker within the generating. (Mm, reluc, d/s, oral, military)

And the young children Shall Lead – by ZZTurk – Husband and son lose the lady they love. The son needed to develop together with mom along with his dad expanded older with out a lover. Then when sometime later first a lady then her mom arrived of this scene, every thing changed. (MF, mf-teens, household, inc, bi)

Andrea And Jody – by Michael – Hi, I am Michael and also this whole tale is all about once I was a freshman at ASU in Temp Arizona. One thing happened to me through that first year at university that may probably stick to me personally for the remainder of my entire life. (MMF, bi-oral, college)

Anonymous evening – by Don Azars – some guy attempts out anonymous sex and becomes quickly addicted. (MM, anon-sex)

any such thing for cash – by Chase – A 14 yr old child on his paper route chats with a customer and laughs at his long lawn, offering to cut it for him. He then says he’d do just about anything for cash. But he never expected it to get because far as it did. (Mm, ped, nc, rp, dental, anal, drugged)