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  • Bioturismo is the Sicilian Workshop of the Sustainable Tourism

  • We are women, travel‘s craftswomen

    We select authentic and exclusive experiences for you
    We make, every time, your tailor-made travel


Hi, I’m Silvia, your travel fairy!
My purpose is to let you experience the magic of this island

I carefully select for you the facilities, the products, the itineraries and the experiences and we make together your perfect travel.
As a steady but invisible presence, I’ll be always with you, ready to appear any time you need.
A Bio life is: vitality and fullness of life
a life full of joy, feelings and permeated by essence.


I plan, organize, guide, and do sums. This is what I do in Bioturismo.
I’m Rita and, in addition to helping Silvia in our tours planning and organization, I have also, the pleasant task to guide our guests in our tours to discover and understand our beautiful land… when I’m not in the office doing sums (it is a hard job, but someone must do it!).

What I prefer? Certainly being concerned with people, and not with numbers!

Walking along trails plunged into a luxuriant nature in full August too, listening to millenary stones tales and enjoying Baroque architectures gilding by the sun setting, tasting food that remind you to Arab, to Norman, to Spanish dominations… ancient peasantry and nobility. Following the slow rhythm that my grandfather taught me to enjoy true life


I work diligently to the fulfilment of unforgettable travels thanks to my ten-year’s experience in flight management ticketing and in the accommodation bookings. I manage suppliers’ relationships, I issue travel assurances and I am in charge of the technical travel organization.

“I like the Journey under each point of view …”
Every single day, I take care of the people that put in my hands their travel projects. I feel with deep ethical passion my relationship with each traveller.


I’m a tourist guide, I guide and help Italian and foreign tourists in their bio-tours in Sicily.
I’m the person in charge of translating Bioturismo company’s texts and info-promotional materials towards French and English.

For me Bio is to establish a “real” and good relationship with the traveller, guiding him to discover the most beautiful and unexpected places of our wonderful land, letting him making  experiences in which his five senses are completely involved, respecting his rhythms together with those of the hosted land.

Bio is living the seasonality, making opportunities for gathering and conviviality, for getting “special” and personal every traveller’s experience.

Bio is approaching on tiptoes to leave an unforgettable memory.


I’m Pina, the wisest…just because I’m the oldest!

The verb I most prefer? Tasting! Wine, Cheese, olive oil, cold cut, typical products.

I like savouring slowly, in relax. For describing you a land, our land: Sicily!

All of this, it is my Bio,”Bio-tourism”.


I’m a lawyer and my hearth is split into two parts between law and Bioturismo.
I handle all the legal contractual and formal aspects of the Company, not only … but I’m also ready to take the gown away, rolling up my sleeves and joining the fray: you could meet me at the beginning of your stay, ready to welcome you cheerfully, or with my trekking shoes, you can meet me along Pantalica tracks, sharing wonderful experiences, places and people.

Bio means to find the best side of life, the clean, noble simple and real one.
The Bio life takes me to the roots, it gratifies me, and make me happy and a better person…it allows me to feel the deep connection with this extraordinary land.


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