‘A guy asked for intercourse making use of my contact number from my CV’

‘A guy asked for intercourse making use of my contact number from my CV’

Emma Thomas describes why she fears money for hard times of working females post-lockdown

I’m not designed for intercourse. Unbelievably they are terms I’d to create back at my LinkedIn profile this week.

Like numerous freelancers i will be familiar with being away from work with durations, then when lockdown arrived I thought “I’ve got this”. Doing work in PR and occasions my industry had been totally turn off due to Covid – and it is just starting to show shoots of data data recovery now. I expected this. The things I would not expect would be to be sat in floods of tears after having a work that is potential left me experiencing shaken and violated, with two tear-dampened basset hounds refusing to go out of my part.

The reason had been a WhatsApp message I received, asking if I became nevertheless in search of work. Since many of my jobs begin this real way i felt hopeful. Perhaps at final things had been time for normal?

We excitedly told my boyfriend and gladly trotted from the home for my early morning waddle feeling like we possibly may be okay in the end. This message suddenly made me feel better; lighter on my feet, the water looked clearer, the skies more blue and even the dogs less pudgy as someone whose mental health has, like so many, been battered by lockdown.

I continued our correspondence when I returned to the desk.

“Morning Emma, have you been nevertheless searching for work? ” it began.

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