Are you able to make use of tinder for blind individuals?

Are you able to make use of tinder for blind individuals?

Currently, no… but Tinder may take obligation and then make this feasible.

M obile-first dating apps such as for example Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble have actually the prospective to significantly gain the community that is blind. Unfortuitously, advocates of the apps mainly disregard the narrative regarding the blind community and their products or services mirror this lack of knowledge.

In 2017, Tinder’s vice president of global communications branding in the time, Rosette Pambakian, has stated so it would not “make sense” for Tinder become into the narrative for aesthetically weakened daters.

Even though this estimate had been drawn in 2017, very little changed. Tinder in 2020, continues to be maybe maybe perhaps not available to individuals who are entirely blind. They’ve perhaps perhaps not implemented any features that are new rooms to fulfill their demands.

  • “Prevalence” of dating apps

  • Why the community that is blind mobile-first relationship apps
  • Exactly just exactly How these apps aren’t available and exactly how these dilemmas could be addressed
  • Advice for brand new features to assist the population that is blindwhich could additionally gain the remainder of users irrespective of artistic ability)

Dating apps are “widely used”

(Quotations because it just concerns people that are maybe maybe not aesthetically weakened)

In accordance with the App Store, Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge have already been installed well over 100 million times global and rank second, 4th, and seventh correspondingly in the App Store’s “Lifestyle Top Charts” list (Jan 2020). Continua a leggere