This is the most surprising aspect of the island.
This is really Sicily you do not expect, it lets you spoken-less face to real unopposed nature explosions.

Thanks to a luxuriant, benevolent and amazing nature, whose aspect is uncontaminated and untouched, we will take you back in the past, into a primordial state, among water, fire and earth.

Get ready to experience adventure, you will meet breath-taking landscapes, we will help you to discover an incredible land.

You will be witness of unrepeatable shows, unique sceneries in which high peaks, the snow, the mountain alternate with little hills, to the sand, to little streams which flow disappearing and reappearing up to emerge into the crystalline sea.

You will discover where the big volcano Etna paints with its lava flows the area, modifying it continuously intertwining to a thick vegetation of chestnut, oaks, beech trees and vineyards.

And for those who love adventure in its adrenaline aspects, special climbing trails, canyoning, rafting, free climbing, mountain bike and much more, all of these activities organised by outdoor activities experts.