Our “Taste Trails” are the most authentic way to have the opportunity to come into contact with the real Sicilian soul, which reveals itself through its tasty nectars, its stories, its art and people.

We shall guide you among sunny vineyards, through a fertile and vigorous land in which the Nero d’Avola found its own natural habitat throughout the centuries.

An expert and passionate guide will lead you to discover the majestic and proud Archaeological Park of Syracuse, heritage of a prestigious past.

You will be among stones which unveil thousand- year old stories and there you will feel how Syracuse moves and excites, enchants and enthusiasms pervading the traveller’s soul.

The guided tour in a prestigious wine cellar will unveil the amazing beauty of a Federician “baglio”, the wonders of an historical garden and it will end with the visit in a suggestive wine stone-tank, where there will be the tasting of the different produced wines combined with typical and traditional food.

Unbeatable the trip in Noto lands, as it is the thousand- year vineyard birthplace: here you’ll come across into the hearth of the wine place and, among the old walls of a wine stone-tank, you will find a complete, total knowledge.

And finally Marzamemi, a very beautiful XVIII° century sea- town, full of tales and suggestive atmosphere, where we can take a slow, pleasant walk and you will experience, the sea fragrance until perceiving the fishermen’s diligence.