You shall know that every Sicilian man feels the deep bond with “his Sea”.
The Sea is for us a family member.

“It” has always been here.
It was there, when we were born, immeasurable and majestic.
Since childhood we have been learning to respect it, to love it, to listen to its voice, accepting its rules.
We feed with its smell; we are subjected to its impetus.

It knows our deepest thoughts .
We get lost in it.
We need it, with its colours and its shades.
And when we go far from it, we terribly miss it.

Throughout our trails, you will be able to meet it.
The Sicilians’ Sea.
The one in which we love to shelter and regenerate above all during the summer hot weather.
The one wild and crystalline and the one welcoming and comfortable.

Just to rouse your curiosity, with the South-eastern Sea you will find a complete trail of the most spectacular steps which illustrate our enchanting Sea…one week, three or two days stays.